Sunday, April 22, 2007

A II Z - Witch of Berkeley (192kbps) - 1980 (+Bonus)

A II Z - Witch of Berkeley

1.- No Fun After Midnight 5:28
2.- Lay Down 3:21
3.- Waking the Distance 4:56
4.- Glastonbury Massacre 3:58
5.- Danger U.X.B 3:30
6.- The Witch of Berkeley 4:38
7.- Last Stand 5:48
8.- The Romp 6:43
9.- The King is Dead 4:03
10.- No Fun After Midnight 3:03
11.- Treason 2:56
12.- Valhalla Force 3:44
13.- I'm the One Who Loves You 3:22
14.- Ringside Seat 4:08


JavyMetal said...

Hi pal! Where's the link? btw... nice blog!

IronMaid77 said...

Ya esta puesto, me habia olvidado! :)

Que lo disfrutes! Gracias por hacermelo ver!

JavyMetal said...

Muchas gracias!!!

Ed said...

Many thnx, been looking for this one for ages!!

Fritz die Spinne said...

I went looking for this--bassist Cam Campbell continued playing with Sexgang Children and Andi Sexgang's solo work thru the 1980's.

I had no idea this was a metal release. Thanks for sharing.

morffs said...

I have been after this for years, and just when I finally find it, the rar file is passworded!

Can you help please?

morffs said...

I have been after this for ages, and when i finally think i have found it, the rar files locked!

Can anyone help?

Shirley Benegas said...

cual es la contraseña?