Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cobra (Lancashire, UK) - Warriors of the Dead (192kbps) - 1985

Not to be confused with the NWOBHM band Cobra (UK) from Winchester.

1.- Warriors of the Dead 3:06
2.- Cobra 3:09
3.- Dying Man's Song 4:40
4.- On My Knees 3:00
5.- Wildest Dreams 3:16
6.- We Rock You 3:45
7.- Stand With Me 4:01
8.- China Syndrome 3:46


Metal666Avenger said...

Thank you very much for this information i really appreciate it...
i already have both albums from Cobra The Speed One and cobra The NWOBHM '78 Album But i was looking information about them in order to know the name of the cities where the bands were Formed...Thank you So much.
You have amazing bands in your blog from that beautiful NWOBHM

Like the Razor(Can) Iron Hammer song says: IF You Help Keep Metal ALive The Underground Will Always Survive...Forever!!!

i really don't know where you are from but i'm from colombia i don't know if maybe you have heard something about the metal is made in here but if you're interested i've got an special colombian metal collection and don't worry no Poser Ones....this is my Email:

hermaidentaker said...

thank you very much!!! this band Cobra, rocks!!!