Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Demon - One Helluva Night (192kbps) - 1990


01. Blue Skies In Red Square
02. Commercial Dynamite
03. Blackhearth
04. Living In The Shadow
05. The Plague
06. Don?t Break The Circle
07. The Life Brigade
08. Remembrance Day (A Song For Peace)
01. Hurricane
02. Sign Of A Madman
03. One Helluva Night
04. Night Of The
05. Life On The Wire
06. Wonderland
07. The Big Chance


Rubens said...

Gracias Ricard. Estaba en la busca del "One Helluva Night" e solo tengo a agradecer-te pela contraseña.

Saludos Hermano del metal!

Rubens (

zvelickov said...

Pass please

Ismael said...

pass please