Sunday, March 15, 2009

Money - First Investment (320kbps) - 1979

01. Mari-Anna/Leo The Jester
02. (Aren't We All) Searching
03. Geneva
04. Cosmic Lullaby
05. Opening Night/Finale
06. Statements And Demands
07. Remembering (M.G.O.)
08. Goddess


Nathan said...

password please

Simon said...

I met Money many years ago and after seeing them live bought their LP and it was duly signed by all the band; which I still have! Excellent live set and I still listen to their LP now. Statements and Demands was a favourite which should have been a commercial possibility if they had the chance but they were badly let down by the promoters. No idea what they are doing now but they had so much potential at the time (all of the band) but the guitarist was particularly good.

the teacher... said...

Great! Now what 'bout the password? Thanks!