Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Samson - Don't Get Mad Get Even (320kbps) - 1984

1997 reissue

01 - Are You Ready?
02 - Love Hungry
03 - Burning Up
04 - The Fight Goes On
05 - Don't Get Mad, Get Even
06 - Into The Valley
07 - Bite On The Bullet
08 - Doctor Ice
09 - Front Page News
10 - Leaving Love (Behind)
11 - Front Page News (12'' Version)(Bonus Track)
12 - La Grange (Studio Jam)(Bonus Track)
13 - Riding With The Angels (Bonus Track)
14 - Vice Versa (Live)(Bonus Track)
15 - Walking Out On You (Live)(Bonus Track)
16 - Bright Lights (Live)(Bonus Track)




Banda said...
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Ervin Helmut Redlich Hvalibota said...

Me podrías dar el pass de este genial disco, desde ya muchas gracias...-
Excelente pagina..

MickyG said...

Hi, what a great blog. It brings back many memories. I remember seeing Samson, Saxon, Girl and, even, Die Laughing in my local small venue!

MickyG said...

Please send password. Cheers!

xlr8r76 said...

Great collection! Could you please send me the pass?

rhspptby said...

Ive been looking for this album for so long!!

How can I get that password??

Thanks a lot!

rhspptby said...

HI, can I have the password?


Thanks for the great blog!