Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stampede - The Official Bootleg (192kbps) - 1982

1. Missing You
2. Moving On
3. Das of Wine and Roses
4. Hurricane Town
5. Shadows of the Night
6. Baby Driver
7. The Runner
8. There and Back


Spacelord said...

Thanks for this, been looking all over for it in a decent quality. Also would be nice if you could upload their fine EP Days of Wine and Roses. Cheers! Andy.

SirLaban said...

Do you happen to have the password for this?

SirLaban said...
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tof said...

Great album !

Rambovambo said...

Hi there,

I downloaded this some time ago and have mislaid the password.

Could you let me have it so that I can enjoy.

Many thanks

princecharly said...
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princecharly said...

thanks for this! Could you please let me know the password