Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angel Witch - Frontal Assault (320kbps) - 1986

1. Frontal Assault
2. Dreamworld
3. Rendezvous With the Blade
4. Religion (Born Again)
5. Straight From Hell
6. She Don't Lie
7. Take to the Wing
8. Something Wrong
9. Undergods



Midnight Tornado said...

Hey man, what is the password?
Thx for this album, rock on!

Angelheart said...

hello man.
great blog u keep up here.
which is the password for this album?

Francisco Raul said...

password please...

hnup666 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rubencvl said...

hello, what's the pass to "Angel Witch-frontal assault"

rubencvl said...

what's the pass for the album

Hansi said...

hi, thanks for posting. please tell me the password!

Hansi said...

thankx for pposting!!! please tell me the password!

AHBAnep said...

Not 320, but ~224Kbps here

Rebeca said...

What is the password?

Mail: raff-araujo@hotmail.com


Dale said...

Rapidshare says the file is not found. Any chance you could re-upload?