Thursday, July 2, 2009

White Spirit - White Spirit (320kbps) - 1980

01. Midnight Chaser
02. Red Skies
03. High Upon High
04. Way of the Kings
05. No Reprieve
06. Don't be Fooled
07. Fool for the Gods

Bonus CD:

01. No Reprieve
02. Cheetah
03. Backs To The Grind
04. Nowhere To Run
05. Can't Take It
06. High Upon High [Metal For Muthas II version]
07. Red Skies [Alternative version from Muthas Pride 12" EP]
08. Midnight Chaser [7" Single Side A]
09. Suffragettes [7" Single Side B]
10. Watch Out (Original version with Brian Howe's vocals overdubbed)
11. Backs To The Grind [7" Single Side A]
12. Cheetah [7" Single Side B]


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