Saturday, October 3, 2009

Angel Witch - Live at the Underworld, London Bootleg (320kbps) (2009)

Angel Witch in a performance at London's The Underworld Club on Thursday April 30, 2009. Soundboard, 320kbps. Japan-only CD

1. Sweet Danger
2. Confused
3. Gorgon
4. Sorcerers
5. White Witch
6. Atlantis
7. Extermination Day
8. Baphomet
9. Angel Witch
10. Dr. Phibes/Angel Of Death

Thanks to Dave for the amazing upload!!! Also thanks Antonio for the great cover!!

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Dark messiaH said...

well, now i listening only the first track, but was a great emotion hear the 'new sound', with a 'new heavy' of track "sweet Danger"... AngelWitch is Great !! Is heavy, is sweet, is magnificant !!! thanks for this excelent album...